Fleur Kortekaas Health offers research services on the design and the conduct of clinical investigations:

  • Review of research protocols
  • Consultancy on translating research questions into a feasible research design
  • Scientific writing of research proposals in order to obtain grants
  • Secondary analysis on data sets: documenting clinical experience
  • Providing extra research capacity or interim research capacity for large research projects
  • Scientific publication writing
  • Conduct of (systematic) literature reviews and desk top research

Close to clinical practice
Well conducted clinical research will answer the question which health interventions are efficacious and effective. Evidence from science contributes to the accountability of decisions made in clinical practice.
Even small scale clinical research can be very informative and provide more insight into the effect of interventions. The development of clinical research starts from the well described clinical observation (case study); valid research with a close relation to clinical practice.

An adequate research design fits and matches with the research questions.
From this perspective Fleur Kortekaas Health focuses on knowledge development within the field of nutrition, integrative medicine and health.

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