Consultancy in food related health claims
There are many issues when debating the association between diet and health.
Both the food legislator and consumers have ever higher demands as to the quality, credibility and extend of information on nutraceuticals, functional foods and their contribution to health.
Furthermore, the scope of the field of food science is developing at a tremendous pace with the ‘omics’ studies adding new insights to data from epidemiologic studies.
Within this food science driven field Fleur Kortekaas Health offers consultancy services in product development opportunities.

Focus of the expertise of Fleur Kortekaas Health are micronutrients, bio-active plant compounds, poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s), gut microbiota and their relation to health and disease.

Scientific writing
Companies in the functional food or food supplement market may temporarily need extra capacity in documenting the scientific body of evidence on their products.
Fleur Kortekaas Health will develop on request:

  • Product efficacy and safety files
  • Product information for educational purposes for health care professionals or the general public
  • Specific information on health or disease related topics
  • Translating scientific information from English to Dutch and vice versa

Requests for information or quotes can be placed through the contact form.